9 Common Digestive Conditions from Top to Bottom


Even though the majority of people avoid discussing it, having digestion problems is typical. But there’s no need to endure your suffering in quiet. Here’s a comprehensive look at nine of the most common digestive disorders, their signs and symptoms, and the best current treatments. Do not hesitate to contact a healthcare provider if you … Read more

Piles (hemorrhoids): Symptoms and Causes

piles treatment

Hemorrhoids are masses in and around your lower body known as “piles” (anus). After a few days, they frequently get better on their own. You can take steps to both piles causes and treatment. Identify any heaps.   Pile-related symptoms include:   When you poop, bright red blood A rash of the anus Feeling the … Read more

Nutritional Value Of Wheatgrass

Tritium aestivum, or wheatgrass, is the young (gluten-free) grass of the common wheat plant. The grass is typically cultivated, harvested, and juiced into 1-2 ounce “shots” between 7 and 11 days of age. Wheatgrass juice can be obtained fresh for purchase at most juice bars and juice companies. It is best drank right after extraction. … Read more

What is stevia and is it safe for you to use it?

Stevia What Is It

How does Stevia compare to other sugar alternatives despite having no calories? Here is some background information on stevia as well as some points to think about before switching from sugar. Stevia: What Is It? The first thing you should know about stevia, or “rebiana,” is that it doesn’t have a brand name as Equal, … Read more