Top 10 Richest Tennis Players in the world

Tennis has long been one of the most popular, lucrative, and entertaining sports in the world. Which tennis player springs to mind when you think about the sport? Rafael Nadal? Has Rafael Nadal? Sharapova, Maria? Darren Murray Agassi, Andre Williams sisters, perhaps? They all gave us access to some of the most significant matches in tennis history. Have they become the wealthiest tennis players of all time as a result of their exceptional on-court play? Let’s verify!

The Top 10 Tennis Players in the World by Net Worth in 2021.

Richest Tennis Players

2021’s wealthiest tennis players.

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The top 10 tennis players in terms of wealth are listed below.

10. Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova, a retired professional tennis player who is Russian and American, has a net worth of $165 million. One of the most well-known female tennis players in the world is Anna Kournikova.

On the list of the 10 richest tennis players in the world, this attractive, fashionable, and seductive Russian-American tennis star is retired. She is $50 million in wealth. Despite never winning a WTA singles championship, her celebrity status and outward look made her one of the most well-known tennis players in the world. She had occasionally been the best player in the world in doubles when she reached the pinnacle of her career. In Australia in 1999 and 2002, Kournikova won Grand Slam championships with her partner Martina Hingis. The “Spice Girls of Tennis,” as they frequently referred to themselves.

9. Venus Williams

On the list of the World’s Richest Tennis Players, Venus Williams is ranked ninth with an estimated net worth of $95 million. Venus Williams is a professional tennis player who was born in California. She has held the world number one ranking three times and is the first African-American to hold that position during the open tennis era. She has won two Olympic Gold Medals and is the second-highest paid female athlete behind her sister Serena.

8. Pete Sampras

One of the best tennis players of all time is Pete Sampras. A career-high 14 Grand Slams have been won by him. He also held the top spot in the global rankings for six straight years, a record that has yet to be broken. With an estimated net worth of $150 million, he ranks third on the list of the World’s Richest Tennis Players. After defeating Andre Agassi in the US Open final, Sampras announced his retirement in 2002.

7. Andrew Murray

Andy Murray, a Scottish professional tennis player and champion of Wimbledon, has a $165 million dollar net worth.

Andy Murray, one of the most accomplished British athletes of all time, has won three Grand Slam titles.

The Scotsman’s excellent playing career has also given him the chance to deal with sponsors, which frequently pays him more financially than winning Grand Slams.

According to Forbes, Murray, 31, has really made over $100 million in revenue through sponsorships, incentives, and appearance fees over the course of his career in addition to $61 million in prize money.

Adidas, Royal Bank of Scotland, Shiatzy Chen, Under Armour, and a number of other companies are among his principal sponsors.

6. Richest Tennis Players Andre Agassi

One of the greatest players of all time is retired American professional tennis player and former World No. 1 Andre Agassi.

With a net worth of $175 million, Agassi came in at number five on the list of the World’s Richest Tennis Players. He was one of just two male tennis players to have completed a Career Golden Slam and held the world’s top ranking. He is the creator of the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, which supports a K–12 charter school and helps with at-risk children in Nevada.

5. Maria Sharapova

Former Russian professional tennis player Maria Sharapova has an estimated net worth of $180 million.

The fifth-richest tennis player of all time is a Russian professional. In Nyagan, Russia, on April 19, 1987, Maria Sharapova was born. Sharapova is one of the most paid female athletes of all time and a five-time Grand Slam Singles champion. When Sharapova won the 2012 French Open, she completed the career Grand Slam. Rich incentives were awarded to sponsors Nike and Head as a result of the victory.

Sharapova is the fifth-richest tennis player in the world and the most fashionable athlete. Her primary source of revenue comes from endorsements. Her $325 million career earnings from prizes, sponsorships, and appearances place her second all-time among female athletes, only behind her enduring rival Serena Williams ($350 million).

4. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is a well-dressed, professional tennis player from Spain with a $200 million fortune. On June 3, 1986, Rafael Nadal was born in Manacor, Spain’s Balearic Islands. One of the tennis players on our list with the greatest enthusiasm has frequently held the top spot in the global rankings. In addition, he is regarded by many as one of the best tennis players in history.

In 2016, Rafael Nadal established his own tennis school in Manacor, Spain, his hometown. In order to launch his own management firm alongside his father and manager, he quit IMG in December. Since going pro in 2001, he has amassed prize money of $121 million. Major sponsors include Bacardi, Nike, Babolat, and Kia Motors.

3. Serena Williams, third

Tennis professional Serena Williams is a world champion. She is now ranked fourth on the list of the World’s Richest Tennis Players with an estimated net worth of $210 million.

Tennis was introduced to her and her sister Venus Williams at a very young age. To optimise the amount of practising time, both girls were homeschooled.

The world champion has achieved 23 Grand Slam victories and six peaks in the world rankings.

She has received more prize money than any other female player, totaling $93.5 million. She received the Sportsperson of the Year award from Sports Illustrated. She was also included among the World’s Highest Paid Athletes by Forbes.

Williams has endorsement partnerships with Nike, Wilson, Gatorade, and OPI. She also has equity agreements with HSN, Sleep Sheets, Mission, and the Miami Dolphins.

2. Novak Djokovic

Tennis professional from Serbia with a $220 million fortune. In Belgrade, Yugoslavia, on May 22, 1987, Novak Djokovic was born. Novak has earned more over $143 million in prize money from tournaments since going pro in 2003. Djokovic has won 82 ATP singles titles total and 18 Grand Slam men’s singles championships.

Ten companies promote the 33-year-old Serbian native, including Mercedes Benz, Adidas, Uniqlo, Sergio Tacchini, Telekom Srbija, Bombardier Aerospace, and others. Only three players, including him, have earned more than $100 million in prize money.

1. Roger Federer

Tennis star Roger Federer, who was born in Switzerland, has a net worth of $450 million and an ATP career earnings total of $130 million (as of August 2020). The 39-year-old Swiss native has eleven endorsement deals with companies including Credit Suisse, Nike, Rolex, Wilson, Moet & Chandon, and Rolex. His prize money during his career is a record $130 million.

Numerous times, Roger has held the top spot in the global rankings. Possibly the best tennis player of all time, with 103 career victories and 20 Grand Slam victories. Additionally, he has triumphed in the Wimbledon, Australian, French, and US Opens. With a $450 million net worth, Roger Federer is the wealthiest tennis player in the year 2021.

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