What Is an Initial Game Offering: Everything You Need to Know About IGOs

An Initial Game Offering, also known as an IGO, is a new and innovative way to raise money in the crypto market. This method allows gamers to invest in developing new games in exchange for early access to the finished product. In this article, we will discuss what IGOs are, how they work, and some of the benefits they offer video game developers and gamers alike!

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What is an Initial Game Offering?

An Initial Game Offering, or IGO, is a type of sale that allows investors to purchase tokens or other digital assets related to a game still in development. This can be contrasted with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which typically occurs after a game has been released—as the first time, finding the best and most reliable place to invest on IGO can be challenging as there are so many options available. 

To make things, we recommend you use the KuCoin exchange platform, which is ideal for all the first-time investors within the cryptocurrency realm. This is a fantastic cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide variety of IGOs. Here you will get the best features, and it also helps the customers round the clock.

How does Initial Game Offering work?

An Initial Game Offering (IGA) is a new type of crowdfunding that allows developers to raise funds for their gaming projects. It’s similar to an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), but instead of selling tokens, developers sell in-game items or currency. There are a few different types of IGAs. The most common is the pre-sale, where developers offer game items or currency at a discount before the game launches. This is a way to generate interest and excitement for the game and also to raise funds to help with development costs.

Another type of IGO is the post-launch sale, where developers sell in-game items or currency after the game has launched. This can be used to generate additional funds for ongoing development or to help fund future projects.

Finally, there are also secondary market sales, where players sell in-game items or currency that they’ve acquired during gameplay. These can be used to generate extra income for the developers or to provide a way for players to trade items between themselves.

How to participate in an IGO on KuCoin?

To participate in an IGO on KuCoin, you must first have a KuCoin account. If you don’t have one yet, you can sign up here. Once you have completed the sign-up process and logged in, click on the “Assets” tab at the top of the page. On the right-hand side of the screen, under the “Deposit” heading, click on the asset you wish to deposit (e.g., Bitcoin). This will bring up a deposit address for that particular asset. Send your coins to this address and wait for them to arrive in your KuCoin account.

Once your coins have arrived in your account, go to the Markets page and find the market for the IGO you wish to participate in (e.g., the ETH/USDT market for an Ethereum IGO). Click on this market and then click on the “Buy” tab. Enter the amount of the asset you wish to buy and click on the “Buy” button. Your order will now be placed, and you will participate in the IGO!

Does IGO Have Any Type of Risk? 

In short, yes. There are some risks involved when it comes to IGO. One of the biggest risks of IGO is that the game doesn’t get off the ground. The game developers have many unique plans, but the game itself does not function properly, or individuals do not play it. 

Besides that, the chances of a scam are also possible. This is because there are people behind the game who make a lot of money by providing some fantastic stories. After that, they just vanish. This type of thing has already happened before, and you also cannot say whether or not an investment in IGO will provide you with positive outcomes. 

The Bottom LineIGOs are a great way to get involved in some of the most exciting projects in the crypto space while also getting access to heavily discounted prices. If you’re looking to get involved in an IGO, KuCoin is one of the best crypto exchanges to do so.

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